Have you braved the sales yet? Despite all the doom and gloom of high street prophecies regarding the future of the high street, sales are well underway with some stores are offering lots of great discounts so if you missed out on Boxing Day like me then there’s still time to grab that bargain. But after all that exhausting pre Christmas spending, why bother? Here are 5 reasons to brave the January sales!



To use your gift vouchers


Far too many of us hang on to their gift vouchers for one reason or another but that’s never the best plan. This year we’ve seen one much loved company after another fall by the wayside so although we all hope that it won’t happen, which store will be next is anyone’s guess! When a company goes into administration, there’s the danger that your gift vouchers will no longer be accepted. If the worst does happen then you can apply to the liquidators for the value of the vouchers but there’s no guarantee that you’ll get any of your money back. If vouchers have been purchased via credit card then you can try to claim the money back from your credit provider under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 but all this takes time and effort. Much easier to spend them when you can!



To support your local High Street


The sales are the ideal time to get out there and show your support for your local High Street and have the opportunity to check out what’s on offer first hand in store. Yes online sales shopping may be easier and more relaxing but it’s not necessarily quicker in the long run. If you don’t like your purchases then you’ve either got to go to the trouble of posting them back or trek into town anyway. If you’re out clothes shopping then there’s nothing better than trying before you buy, which is an experience that you just cannot get online. If things progress at the current rate then we won’t have the choice. It remains a clear case of ‘use it or lose it’ when it comes to the High Street.


To pick up a bargain in the sales


Yes it’s true, there are bargains to be had and you can get them even though there are also a lot of offers, which really are too good to be true. If you’ve had your eye on something for some time and have done your research, then there’s a good chance that there’s a bargain out there with your name on. If it’s an impulse buy then always check the store’s returns policy so that a bargain doesn’t end up being an un-returnable one should you change your mind. Knowledge is key to a successful sales shopping mission!



To see if retail therapy really works


There’s no doubt about it, retail therapy feels good. The excitement of picking up that fabulous little bargain can really boost your spirits especially if it’s something you have been waiting for! It’s often a social occasion whether it be the chance to catch up with friends or enjoy the interactions with other shoppers or sales assistants. As with anything though, the glitz can rub off though if you overdo it. Everything is better in moderation –even wine, and I say that very begrudgingly!


To pick up next year’s Christmas gifts in the sales 


The sales are just jammed full of discounted gifts so it’s the most frugal time to buy for next year! That’s if you’re organised and motivated enough of course and I have to admit, I need to try a bit harder. With a whole host of gift ideas with a big sales tag on them, what are you waiting for? Even just to pick up next year’s Xmas wrap and cards?



I hope some of these reasons inspire you to get out there and enjoy the January sales!

Happy bargain hunting everyone! Let me know what you pick up and where?

Lady Janey x






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