If you are someone who loves who loves designer clothing and accessories, then you are probably also familiar with the experience of shopping in high end stores. It can be really nice getting to browse around a beautifully laid out store with attentive staff while you decide which gorgeous items to purchase, especially if you live in a major city where designer brands have flagship branches, which are often interesting places in their own right. Or, maybe you like department stores, and enjoy the experience of looking at what different brands have to offer all in one place.



While these shopping experiences can certainly be fun, though, if you just want to get your hands on the latest designer pieces such as Saint Laurent bags, Gucci shoes, or Prada sunglasses, it can be much wiser to buy them from an online retailer that specialises in luxury goods and carries all of the latest collections. As we will discuss, there are some great advantages to shopping online over hitting the stores.

All the Brands, All the Products

Naturally, a Gucci shop will not have products from Balenciaga or Givenchy in it, and so if you want to compare things between brands, you will find this much easier to do when you shop somewhere that has all of the labels you love in one place, such as SSENSE. If you’re looking for shoes, accessories, and designer clothing you can find these at ssense.com

Department stores at the higher end often can offer this, but each brand usually only has a small concession where you won’t be able to shop from their whole current collection, and you may also find them out of stock in certain sizes. Yes, they can order in the size you want, but at this point you may as well order yourself online – you’ll often get the product faster, and it’ll be delivered to wherever you like, rather than meaning another trip to the store.


More Flexibility

Another advantage to shopping online is that you can usually choose from different shipping options to suit your needs, and you can often negate the cost of shipping if you are buying multiple items or items above a certain cost.

They Are Responsible for Your Purchases Getting to You

If you invest a lot of money in a beautiful new bag, or a delicate accessory, it is down to you to get home with it still looking as good as new. But if you buy online, it’ll get to your home without you having to worry about carrying it about for the rest of your shopping day, and if it gets in any way damaged en route, you can return it easily.

If you want the convenience of browsing all of the latest lines and also getting consistent customer service, online retailers can be the best option. Find one you love, such as SSENSE, and keep going back!



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