Well, it’s not really my Audi but after hearing this story, I really felt that it was! So much so that I just had to put pen to paper and share it with you.

Regardless of who or what is to blame, Audi has made a customer feel like this and for that there is no excuse. Such arrogance and indifference from a company, which has built a timeless reputation based on reliability and trust! Am I right? Read this story and decide for yourselves.

When Peter bought his Audi


Peter bought his first brand new car from Audi in 2011 and in 2015 the emissions scandal was discovered and his car was found to be affected, one of 1.2 million in the UK. In 2016 Audi applied a “technical measure” to remove the cheat software. As soon as this happened, faults began to appear on Peter’s vehicle, and the same faults have since been reported on thousands of other vehicle affected by the Volkswagen Automobile Group i.e. Skoda, VW and Audi.


So how did Audi respond to this?


Audi refused to acknowledge the issues he raised, namely the Start/Stop function ceasing to work and the Limp Mode activating regularly. This can be very alarming as it puts the car into slow mode. With no help from Audi, Peter escalated his case to the complaints team but when this also proved pointless, Peter escalated his complaint further to Andrew Doyle, UK Director of Audi.


Surely Peter’s complaint would now finally be addressed?


No it was not. To date Peter has asked Andrew Doyle 53 times to personally get involved and to call him. He refuses to reply and passes the onus on his team but they say that they are not empowered to take any of the action he has requested: to repair, replace or refund the vehicle. His car is still not repaired and Audi refuses to acknowledge him.


The car has been taken 3 times for diagnostics and Audi have insisted that there was no fault. However when he asked the AA to do look at the vehicle, they instantly found a fault, Audi then took it in and did find a fault on the diagnostic. They returned the car to Peter saying it had been fixed but 12 hours later Peter had to send it back with the same problems again!


So what next?


Peter does not know what to do next. With all other avenues exhausted, Peter has turned in desperation to social media to ask for Audi to contact him but after over 14000 views on YouTube, 17000 on LinkedIn and 40,000 views on Facebook and Twitter, has he finally heard from Andrew Doyle? No he has not.


So am I right?


With regard to the appalling lack of communication and the diabolical way that Peter has been left firmly out in the cold, then yes I am. This is wholly unacceptable for a company on any level never mind for one of this stature. Unacceptable also for them to allow this issue to escalate to a level where the customer in question feels that he has no choice but to resort to desperate measures to get the attention of the man at the top of the tree.

As with any tale, there should be a happy ending but despite all his efforts this is something Peter may sadly never see. However in today’s increasingly competitive and changing market, letting customers down on a scale like this means there could be no happy ending for Audi either!



Take a look at Peter’s videos here and please share!

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