I must spend at least half of my life doing updates on my devices! Just when I think I am finally up to date, another one pops up to be dealt with! Why are they so frequent and are they really worth it?



The increasing number of smartphone users has in turn led to a significant rise in the number of available apps. Both Apple and Google have well over two million apps for customers to download and this number is set to increase even further with apps predicted to generate over 189 billion dollars in revenue by 2020.


The updates just keep coming!



I must admit that I don’t really roll with the times and have quite an old iPhone 5S. Although I would dearly love a new smartphone, I would rather buy one outright but just can’t justify the cost. Predictably my phone is becoming increasingly slow but the updates keep coming and I can’t upgrade to the new Apple operating system because my phone would end up slower than ever, as discovered by my husband who has just updated! In addition, once you’ve updated the operating system, then there’s no going back which is so frustrating! Aaaagghhh!!!

Things are moderately better with my new iPad, which was a birthday present hence the purchase despite the cost. At least it has the ability to cope with the constant torrent of updates. However when some apps are updated, they are designed to be optimised on the latest operating systems but updates will also be offered to those running previous versions and offer little in the way of enhancement. Yes you can choose not to update those apps but you constantly have to look at the red flag reminding you how many apps have updates!



Download time


An added Lady Janey bugbear is that all of my updates need to be carried out overnight because our paltry rural broadband speed of 1.3mbps means that Internet use for anything else grinds to a halt until they are complete. It’s the frequency of app updates and sheer numbers which are causing a huge problem. They used to be a lot less regular.

Apps have fast made what used to be a luxury, nice to have phone into a ‘can’t live without’ commodity; a pocket- sized computer with a range of facilities essential for every aspect of everyday life.

App updates are supposed to enhance our use of the device but I am frequently left with more problems afterwards than what I started with. Updating the operating system often causes my devices to slow up at a disabling rate. Does anyone else have problems when downloading apps or updating the operating system or is it just moi?


So are the updates worth it?


An increasing number of app updates are pure bug fixes, frequently caused by the previous update. Software developers are constantly striving to make the apps bigger, better and smarter than ever before, but at what cost? With smartphone manufacturers frequently updating their operating systems and hardware are all these  changes really worth it?



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