This morning my husband had to contact Three UK about their ThreeInTouch app as it had stopped working and he could not reactivate it. It transpired that the app was no longer available because they had enabled Wi-Fi calling instead.

Today was the first we’d heard of this change but Three UK say that they notified their customers via a pop up on the app! I don’t know about you but I would hardly call this an effective or appropriate means of communication. It’s a disgrace that they think that it is acceptable especially as in our case, it was not remotely successful.

Frustratingly, it is only customers who have upgraded to iOS 10 who can use the new Wi-Fi calling facility, which my husband had not done because of potential problems with the iPhone 5S upgrade. We have zero mobile signal where we live so the facility provided by ThreeinTouch to receive calls and send texts is absolutely essential. It’s clearly not an international incident but in all fairness, it is a major change to one of the main features of the Three UK package so should have been made much clearer to the customers the company claims it values.

In addition, regardless of the reasons for removing the app, what was particularly exasperating and disappointing during the live chat today was the complete disinterest of the customer service agents to even try to recover the situation. It’s now not about what they did as we’ll just have to put up with it or find an alternative, it’s become an issue about the way they have dealt with it.

To add to the exasperation, I upgraded my own phone as instructed and then tried to send a text but it did not work. I contacted Three UK support and despite information on their website to the contrary, they said that Wi-Fi Calling is for calls only and I need to use the ThreeinTouch app to send texts. Good grief! I do not have the app, I cannot use the app anymore as it has been deactivated for iphones.

Unbelievably they have escalated the issue to a specialised team and have credited my account accordingly but I honestly am beyond despair as to why they cannot answer a simple question- should I be able to make calls and send texts using the new system?

And they aren’t the only telecommunications company who do not listen. BT have on many occasions in the past reduced me to tears on the telephone when trying to resolve issues. So much so that we moved in desperation to Talk Talk who at the end of the day, aren’t much better.

When you contact the customer ‘support’ centres, it’s the same standard crib sheet with a prescribed list of procedures, excuses, apologies and promises to ‘pass on feedback’ and commitment to solve the problem. This is coupled with an absolute inability to be flexible and logical in terms of how problems are dealt with and to really understand and care how customers feel.

It’s funny isn’t it that if you want to sign up with some of these companies then you get put through to a lovely, beyond helpful sales assistant but the moment there’s a problem, you can never get a quick or satisfactory response. This speaks volumes for the value placed on after sales service.

So yes it may be good to talk if you are able to do so but it’s about time companies such as Three UK thought a little bit more about really listening before they don’t have any customers to listen to.



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