Our expectations as customers are at an all time high but we have had the chance during lockdown to focus on what really is important and reassess our priorities. Do we need to adjust our expectations accordingly and enjoy a simpler life? There’s a lot to be learnt about excellent Customer Service if we listen to our favourite four legged friends. In fact the best of Pawservice encompasses all of the essential skills required to deliver the best of customer experiences, time and time again.





Dogs will always welcome you warmly, give you their full attention and are happy to help and eager to please. They never get out of bed the wrong side, won’t get cross even if you are shouting at them and they are really happy when they get things right! If you need someone to really listen to you, do exactly what you’ve asked him or her to do and wait patiently until you’re ready to make a decision then look no further than our canine friends.


Dogs are also able to empathise with you when things go wrong, instantly knowing the right action to take and provide support accordingly. They also understand that sometimes someone might not be interested in their help and attention so will retreat quietly but be back like a rocket if they are subsequently called upon to assist, no questions asked. This is perfect pawservice.

On the other side of the counter, there are many parallels between the expectations of our beloved pooches and our own as customers. Top of the list for customer satisfaction is a genuine warm welcome closely followed by a good product or service at a good price in a comfortable environment. My own privilegedpup aka Barney is always very happy with a good quality ‘free’ doggy treat or two and even just a large, generous bowl of water. Consistency of the offering means he’s always easily pleased as dogs love routine and he likes to know what to expect.

With the above in mind, it’s far from a dog’s life for our favourite four legged friends. Many companies receive a definite paw of approval for the very best of Pawservice and by learning from them, we can be pawfect customers too and enjoy a simpler consumer life.

Pawservice by Lady Janey

When it comes to Customer Service

Dogs just do it better

They will always wag their tail

No matter what the weather.

They will always greet you warmly

Even when you’re cross with them

And they will give you all their love

Time and time again.

You’ll get their full attention

They like to get things right

They will be there if you call them

And watch over you day and night.

They never get out of bed the wrong side

And you’ll never see them cross

They will take their lead from you

Because you are the boss.

Our four legged friends

Know exactly what they need to do

Wait patiently if they have to

And take good care of you.

Dogs just love routine

They are the first to meet and greet

But don’t forget they love a bit of praise

And a lovely juicy treat!

If you like this poem taken from my anthology of poems inspired by the world of customer service then it’s available to purchase on Amazon via the affiliate link below. 









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