Do you enjoy going to the hairdressers? Is it something you look forward to? I love having my hair done and am so lucky to have my fabulous mobile hairdresser Laura so that I can endeavour to maintain some degree of Lady Janey style rather than looking like am eternally being pulled through a bush backwards! However I must admit it is always nice to pop into a salon now and then for a real pamper experience! In Cheltenham we might be spoilt for choice for this but at what price? Read on to find out what Lesley recently discovered in this guest post!


I had a traumatic experience this morning. Well, I’m probably over-reacting as it only involved going to the hairdressers. But isn’t a visit to the hairdressers an important thing for a middle-class/western world woman such as myself?



Unfortunately, I was 15 minutes late to my appointment so was told that I couldn’t have the full hair colour service I had booked in for. The colourist had a really busy day and said she could fit me in later in the afternoon but I had only that time; I couldn’t hang around all day! They had no flexibility even though they have kept me waiting for over 15 minutes in the past and I ‘was’ a regular customer.

I ended up bursting into tears as I was really looking forward to having a new haircut/colour after a difficult week and walked out. In the end, it all worked out well as I called The Cutting Room and had a great colour and cut at the last minute at a fraction of the price I would have paid.



I’m not going to mention the first salon as they have since called to apologise and I feel slightly stupid for crying in front of them but it got me thinking. Since I’ve lived in Cheltenham for 10 years I’ve been to at least seven salons and I haven’t been entirely happy. Perhaps I’m just a very fussy/highly-strung customer but when I lived in Bristol and Bath prior to Cheltenham, I found hairdressers that I kept going back to. In Cheltenham, I’ve had issues including: highlights too brassy, hair cut too short on one side, (How does that happen!) hairdressers that take too long and some that just cost too much.

In most salons that are considered ‘the best’ in Cheltenham it costs near to £150 for highlights and a cut (I hope my husband doesn’t read this!) Is this normal? Most people perhaps just pay it because they find someone they like and are happy with the service but does this mean that it’s right? Along with all the ‘extras’ hairdressers often tempt you with such as, conditioner treatments and hair products, you can end up spending close to £200 for 2-3 hours! I spoke to one hairdresser who said that salon owners often encourage them to spend as much time as possible on a client in order to justify the cost.



To me (western world problems!) having a hairdresser I can build a relationship with/they know my hair/I don’t have to worry about being a brassy/lopsided blonde is an important thing. Unfortunately, Cheltenham, you have failed to deliver. Hopefully, I’ve found my hairdressing soulmate at The Cutting Room and I will be returning to book an appointment with MaryJane who saved the day today. Until then, it would be good to hear from others who have similar concerns or from others who have perhaps found their local hairdressing holy grail.


Many thanks to Lesley for sharing her customer service experience of Cheltenham hairdressers! You can read more of her posts on her blog PlaceswithEd and you can also find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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