Apologies for the interruption to the normal Saturday Spotlight schedule but today it is all about moi! August marks a whole new exciting chapter in the Lady Janey blog so I just had to commandeer this week’s slot to share with you what’s coming up next in a Saturday Spotlight special!

The story so far

I initially started the blog because I was so exasperated with falling standards of customer service in the UK and was determined to stand up to the companies, which were falling short of expectations. However as time went by, I discovered that there are so many amazing companies right on our doorstep in the Cotswolds, where customer service is still very much a priority. So far from chewing a wasp on a regular basis, I have found myself smiling more often and praising and championing what is fabulous as well as challenging what is most definitely not!

Saturday Spotlight

From the very first fabulous Saturday Spotlight interview with Steven at Sole Therapies Cheltenham to the most recent with Kim and Tim of Cotswold Interiors Gloucester, it has been an absolute pleasure to welcome over 20 local companies to the Lady Janey sofa to chat about what they do and their views on customer service. I have discovered companies, which I otherwise would never have come across covering a whole range of different industries from hospitality and retail to beauty and therapy. Many, many thanks to all those who have taken part, as they deserve every bit of recognition and praise received.



However, please do not think I am getting soft in my tender young age. The companies I support on the blog might be the epitome of excellent customer service but some companies are most definitely not. In my exciting new weekly feature I’ll be out and about in the Cotswolds finding out exactly what companies are offering an excellent service and which companies need to up their game!

Mystery Shop Monday

To date I’ve often been invited to do reviews and promote or champion companies but now it’s time for the gloves to come off as I head into town every week on my mystery shop missions! I won’t be holding back any punches either. It could be that where I visit is an excellent customer service experience and if so, then I’ll still be very happy to champion this success. However if a company does not come up to scratch, then they will soon know about it.

In real life I’ve been a Mystery Shopper for a couple of years so regularly do assignments in the local area. I’ve a sharp eye for detail with nothing escaping my attention when it comes to the field of customer service and I cannot wait to get started!



What’s coming up next

It was really lovely to have the opportunity to chat with the equally lovely Kate Justice this week on BBC Gloucestershire about what’s coming up next for Lady Janey. Not only will I be continuing to champion local fabulous businesses through the Saturday Spotlight series and support amazing local organisations such as Cheltenham Open Door, Cheltenham and Gloucester Hospital Charity, Cheltenham Guardians, Cheltenham Animal Shelter and Gloucestershire Young Carers, but the first Mystery Shop Monday #watchoutforthenails will be out this week so watch out everyone, Lady Janey’s about!


BBC Gloucestershire Mug Pen and Bookmark


If all this wasn’t enough, there are also two, yes two NEW books in the pipeline for Lady Janey so make sure you watch this space for all updates!

In the meantime, have a lovely weekend!

Cin cin!

Lady Janey x

p.s. If you missed this week’s radio interview then you can click here to listen.


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