Welcome to the launch of my new Saturday Spotlight Series where each week a local company here in the Cotswolds will share what they do and their views on customer service!

I started my customer service mission because I was so exasperated with falling standards of customer service in the UK. However through writing the blog, my eyes have been well and truly open to some fabulous places where customer service is still very much a priority! Let’s find out more!

This week I’m chatting to ……………….. Steven Crumblehulme of Sole Therapies, Cheltenham. 


Hi Steven, please tell me about your company and its history

Sole Therapies is a Complementary Therapies business, specialising in Clinical Reflexology: this includes Foot, Hand and Hot Stone Reflexology treatments. I established the company in 2011, as a part-time business, and have slowly built it to become full-time in the past year. Over this time, I’ve added treatments, such as Reiki, Indian Head Massage and Japanese Cosmo Facelifting Massage. As part of the business, I have also been involved in training, delivering the ABC Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology, CPD courses in Hot Stone Reflexology and I also host the delivery of Reiki Levels 1 and 2.



Why is good customer service important?

I think it’s important to ensure company loyalty and, in this field, clients need to feel looked after. They’ve taken an hour out of their lives to experience relaxation or alleviation from symptoms they’ve been suffering from, so they need to be cared for. I always try to ensure each client has an individualised, personal experience.



How would you rate the quality of customer service you deliver and why?

I would say the quality is high. I think my background as a Psychologist helps me to listen and provide a caring and understanding approach to the range of clients that I meet. As a Clinical Reflexologist, my clients get a more thorough treatment and my knowledge enables me to incorporate a range of additional techniques to help them, whilst still being very competitively priced. I also ensure every new client is followed up by email following their first treatment to check how they are feeling and to provide them with another opportunity to ask questions about their treatment or aftercare advice. With my training courses, anyone that has completed my CPD Hot Stone Reflexology course is able to come back a second time, at no extra charge, if they feel they need a bit more time to practise.


How do you deal with any complaints?

So far, I’ve never had any!


How do you encourage customer loyalty?

Every client is given a client loyalty card – each time they come for a treatment, or buy a voucher for a friend, they collect a stamp. After five stamps, they can choose a homemade cream of their choice to have as a gift, and after 10 stamps they can take £10 off any treatment of their choice. Clients also receive birthday vouchers with £10 off any treatment.



Why should people choose you as a company?

I think people should choose to come to Sole Therapies for a treatment if they want a relaxing environment, with a Therapist that has much experience, with a range of techniques, to help them relax, improve their sense of wellbeing and take some time out of their busy, stressful lives. I’m also conveniently located in Cheltenham (Pittville) for people to find me, with free 2 hour parking bays just across from my home studio.


Where can people find you? 

People can find me via my Sole Therapies website or via my Facebook page.


Many thanks to Steven for chatting to me as my FIRST Saturday Spotlight guest! If you haven’t considered any complementary therapies before, then Sole Therapies is the perfect place to start! 

If you would like your company to be featured in a future Saturday Spotlight, please contact me via my Work With Me page.

Cin cin!

Lady Janey x



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