It’s back to the world which is closest to my heart this morning and that’s the world of our favourite four legged friends! Please welcome to the Lady Janey sofa, the lovely Helen from Muddy Buddies Cotswold Dog Care.



Hi Helen, please tell me about your company and its history

In 2013, I threw the shackles of office work aside for a better life with the dogs – Muddy Buddies – Cotswold Dog Care was born! I have a Post Graduate Degree in Primate Biology and Conservation and always knew I needed to do something in the animal kingdom.

Since then, my knowledge of training, canine body language and first aid have sky rocketed and I have now have a wonderful loyal client base.

Due to a recent injury, I have taken on the wonderful Arabella who is just as passionate about our Muddy Buddies as I am. I am so pleased to have her on the team!

Recently, we have fine tuned our services to offer more than just the average dog walk. We offer Wilderness Walks. We also offer home boarding and visits exclusively for our existing clients – that way you know your dog will always be sleeping over with one of his buddies.



Why is good customer service important?

It is the basis, along with a huge amount of trust, for Muddy Buddies. People are handing over a member of their family to us so it is vital they feel 100% comfortable with us.


How would you rate the quality of customer service you deliver and why?

We deliver excellent customer service. We get back to our clients within 4 hours, we are never late, and we spend a good hour with our clients to understand everything about their dog. This way we are fully equipped to serve them and the dog best.

Our clients know a tired dog is a happy dog. We know our dogs are exhausted at the end of the day – our clients send us photographic evidence (as we do!!). Engaging our dogs’ brains in activities such as sniffing, playing games and basic training tires them out just as much as physical exertion so the combination of the two, leads to a well behaved, well rounded pack and individual dog!


How do you deal with any complaints?

With honesty and pragmatism! We are human after all, mistakes will happen but I am willing to put my hands up if I’ve messed up and will make amends. To date, no one has actually ever complained so this is all hypothetical:)



How do you encourage customer loyalty?

Through sheer hard work! Through developing personal relationships with our clients, they absolutely know we care for their dogs like our own. They know they can call on us in an emergency or if we can make their life a little easier.

We have recently started a referral scheme whereby my clients are rewarded with a free dog walk if their friend signs up for regular walks. The new client also receives a free walk!


Why should people choose you as a company?

We offer something different from the usual dog walking services – we offer WILDERNESS WALKS and take a max of 4 client dogs out! A longer adventure type walk away from the usual dog walking haunts.

Play is central to our philosophy when taking care of your dog. We don’t just let them loose to mess about with one another, we engage with each individual within the pack – so they play alongside each other, rather than with each other.  Ultimately, this means when you walk your dog, he won’t disappear over the field the second he sees another canine companion. He sees his human as his play partner – aka best thing ever!


Where can people find you?

You can find me via the Muddy Buddies Cotswold Dog Care website or you can give me a call on 07563649793.

I am also on Facebook and Instagram.


It has been so lovely to chat with Helen today and find out more about Muddy Buddies! You can find out more by checking out her fabulous website and also view a video here to see the dogs in her care having fun. Privilegedpup is also very excited about this week’s interview and always really enjoys any doggy themed Saturday Spotlight chat. Think we will have to try out one of the wilderness walks as he loves nothing more than new adventures!

Until next week everyone where I have an extra special BIRTHDAY SEASON themed interview to share with you.

Cin cin!

Lady Janey x


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