This week’s Saturday Spotlight remains in the heart of the canine world and I can’t wait to introduce you to my guest! In all honesty, dogs have got it made in the Cotswolds with dedicated carers, photographers, wedding organisers and coming up very soon, beauticians! Or is that just my privilegedpup? Please welcome to today’s sofa, the very lovely and caring Alison from Meadows Petcare in Huntley.



Hi Alison, please tell me about your company and its history

Meadows Petcare provides a unique and superior doggy daycare experience unrivalled to any other within at least a 30 mile radius.

I have personally used a number of doggy day care, home boarding, kennel and cattery services for my pets, and have experienced the good, bad and the ugly. With this knowledge and personal experience, I have wanted to provide a service that truly considers the needs of each pet and that of their owners, as my first and foremost priorities.

Over time I began to formulate a service offering that I genuinely felt would provide a fantastic experience for dogs but also make life easier for their busy owners.

With this in mind and wanting a career change that would enable me to work with animals, I decided to set up Meadows Petcare with the main focus on dog daycare. Dog walking and pet visits are also provided within a 3 to 4 mile radius.


Why is good customer service important?

Petcare services in particular dog daycare and dog walking are increasingly competitive, it is essential therefore to be able to provide a consistently excellent service that is unique to the area which attracts repeat business and recommendations.



How would you rate the quality of customer service you deliver and why?

I genuinely believe that with dog day care and dog walking there are 2 clients, that is both the owner and their dog(s). Dogs have to be happy, excited and eager to come back; a measure of this is how excited they become on arrival, in anticipation of more fun!

Equally the owners need ease of access, certainty, reliability, honesty and trust and flexibility, and they want their dog(s) to be tired, and happy on collection.


How do you deal with any complaints?

None received



How do you encourage customer loyalty?

To continually strive for a quality of service and facilities that surpass the competition at a comparable price.


Why should people choose you as a company?

Dogs have 2 acres of well maintained secure grounds to play, relax, explore at their own leisure in addition to a variety of daily off site country walks lasting 1.5 to 2 hours.

Ball games, tug of war, swimming and a variety of toys are all offered daily.

Personal interaction with myself, helping dogs to learn good socialisation skills and good manners, and helping to develop confidence in nervous and young dogs.

Owners who lack confidence to let their dog off lead, are delighted to discover that their beloved canine companion has been taught recall and have enjoyed the sheer pleasure of running and playing off lead.

The Dog Den; 200sg ft of dedicated heated indoor space with numerous sofas, chairs and beds for dogs to sleep and rest, plus additional covered outside space and secure paved area for relaxing, sun bathing, and just chilling.

Dedicated Dog room with under floor heating in my home.

After muddy walks, all dogs have a warm shower and are towel dried, so they are clean when collected.

Long opening hours 7.30am to 6.30pm. no need to stress if late, if you get held up no additional charges, dogs are continued to be looked after.

Security is a high priority, eg electric gates, key pad entry for pedestrian gate, security fencing etc.




Where can people find you? 

We are based in Huntley just 2 minutes from the A40, minimising extra commuting time for drop off and collection. Just 15 minutes out of Gloucester, Newent, Cinderford and 20 minutes from Ross on Wye

You can also contact me on 07846969131 or by email

I am also on Facebook.


It has been so lovely to chat to Alison today! If you are looking for first class doggy daycare then you really need look no further. So many activities for the dogs to enjoy and you won’t find anyone more dedicated and capable than Alison to ensuring that your dog has anything less than the very best of care! I honestly do not know how she does it as she just has the dogs eating out of the palm of her hand. Privilegedpup is very lucky as he not only has a lovely second family who care for him but he has also had the opportunity to spend time with Alison and as an owner, there is no better feeling than knowing that your dog is loved, happy and well looked after when you are not there.

Many thanks again to Alison!  Until next week, cin cin!


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