This week on Saturday Spotlight, I’m so excited to continue the theme of inspiration with an EXCLUSIVE interview with the real life Customer Experience Rockstar who inspired me to embark on my Customer Service mission! Please welcome to the Lady Janey sofa, the ‘unforgettable’ James Dodkins.



Unforgettable, that’s James’ word for 2019 and what a fabulous word it is too. Our paths first crossed just over a year ago when I was searching for UK based CX (customer experience) experts to connect with and not only did I find an expert, I found the very best!

In his role as a Customer Experience Rockstar, James ‘Helps companies turn their employees into Rockstars and their customers into Superfans.’ He’s a keynote speaker, author, runs workshops and hosts the weekly show ‘This Week In CX’. You can catch the latest shows by clicking on this link and there’s also the chance to sign up for regular updates of future shows by clicking here!



Before becoming a CX Rockstar James’ first official job ‘Was two jobs, working at McDonalds and the local chip shop at the same time.’ When I asked about the best job he ever had, James said he was as a guitarist in a heavy metal band, but what he does now ‘Is a close second.’ It’s also undoubtedly a tad more exciting than serving chips. In comparison James went on to say that the worst job he ever had was ‘Probably doing security work in court houses’. Not sure this would be a fave job for me either.

James and I chatted a lot about the importance of Customer Service and his comment was ‘In short if your customers are happy they will buy more stuff and tell other people to buy stuff from you.’ A simple concept really isn’t it? Just a shame that a large number of companies still fail to really understand it.



As for his biggest Customer Service gripe, James says that it is ‘Lack of empowerment. When the people delivering the customer service aren’t empowered to do what needs to be done in order to make the customer happy it makes both the customer and the employee upset and frustrated.’ This is a brilliant point and is one of the ideas covered in his book 136 Ideas for Rockstar Employee Engagement, an essential ‘to do’ list that every company should be working through if they want that company to be the very best of the best through taking care of their employees aka Rockstars. This brilliant analogy is born out of James’s open personal experience playing in a heavy metal rock band before he embarked on his Customer Service mission and it’s one, which forms the fascinating core strategy for the training and consultancy services he now offers. You can purchase your copy of the book from Amazon by clicking on this link.



James’ states his own inspirations as being Metallica, Black Sabbath and Steve Jobs. When I asked him why his response was ‘ Because ‘Black Sabbath invented Heavy Metal, Metallica perfected it and Steve Jobs made customer experience a household name.’ Just brilliant!

In 5 years time, James says he sees himself still doing what he’s doing today but ‘On a much larger and wider scale.’ From what I’ve seen, this is certainly worth raising a glass to and I can’t wait to see it!

If you’d like to find out more about the ‘unforgettable’ Customer Experience Rockstar that is James Dodkins then you can find him via his website and he’s also on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

Thanks to James for the chats and continued inspiration! See you next week!

Lady Janey x


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