This week the Saturday Spotlight theme of Inspiration continues with an EXCLUSIVE interview with the ULTIMATE Oracle for any type of consumer issues, Helen Dewdney aka The Complaining Cow. Honest, direct and to the point, there’s no pulling the wool over Helen’s eyes when it comes to consumer rights and obtaining redress for poor service. With the added bonus of the chance to win your own personlised copy of Helen’s book, this is one interview you just cannot afford to miss!



Helen Dewdney is the author of The Complaining Cow and a consumer journalist and blogger. Helen empowers consumers to assert their legal rights though her blog, book and giving advice in the media such as the One Show, Rip Off Britain, BBC Breakfast, MoneyBox, You and Yours, Radio 5, Jeremy Vine and via all major newspaper outlets. Here’s a YouTube video of Helen discussing complaining via social media on BBC Breakfast.

Helen’s own inspirations are her parents because they are ‘Good hard working honest people.’ Sounds a good enough reason to me and is inspirational in itself. Her first jobs included babysitting and a variety of voluntary work followed by a Saturday job at Boots. Helen’s first full time job was a nanny, which she looks back at as ‘a good stepping stone from leaving home to being independent as the position was live in’. However this career path wasn’t for her and says that she is much better ‘At managing face to face workers than doing it.’



When I asked about the best job Helen had ever had, she said ‘probably the one I have now. I enjoy being a best selling author and doing media work and most importantly empowering people to assert their legal rights so they aren’t fobbed off and out of pocket. I like being my own boss although miss the creativity of working with other people that happens a lot less than when I worked in the public sector running play services and developing services to develop ways children and young people become involved in the consultation and participation process.’

In comparison, the worst was when Helen was a sales rep about 30 years ago. She had thought she’d be good at it ‘Having been told enough times I could sell snow to eskimos. But found that a) I am just not motivated by money so wasn’t enthused to sell cleaning products. You have to be passionate about what you are doing and/or motivated by something to sell products, services or just ideas. It was the first company I took to court though! (And won).’ Just fabulous, love it!

When I asked Helen about why good customer service is important, her comment was ‘Quite simply don’t provide it, people are less likely to go back. With the world of social media the line “Receive good customer service tell one person, receive bad tell ten” is out of date. You can now tell thousands.’ 



Helen’s biggest customer service gripe is companies that try and fob people off and deprive them of their consumer rights. Luckily she’s on hand to provide support to ensure that companies like this have zero chance of success! There’s loads of fabulously useful info on The Complaining Cow website and you can also find Helen on Facebook, YouTube. Pinterest and Twitter.

In 5 years time, Helen sees herself still ‘Drinking too much wine and eating too much chocolate. Trying to embrace my hair going fully grey and fighting any attempts to make me exercise to avoid sports injuries. Helen also hopes to be doing more of what she does now. Let’s hope this is the case! Fighting for consumer rights I mean, not necessarily embracing grey hair and avoiding sports injuries.

All the advice you could possibly want and more is covered in Helen’s MUST HAVE book, How to Complain: The Essential Consumer Guide to Getting Refunds, Redress and Results! It can be purchased via the link below from Amazon and is the ULTIMATE source of advice for dealing with every kind of consumer issue you can think of!



BUT now for the ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS news!………Thanks to Helen, I’m not only able to offer you the chance to WIN your own personalised copy and can do so by clicking on this competition link but also if you don’t win then despair not, because soon Helen will be sharing her top tips right here on the Lady Janey blog along with an EXCLUSIVE discount code for her book! I literally cannot breathe.The Rafflecopter giveaway ends on 31st January, just one day to go! Terms and Conditions apply. Good luck everyone!


Thank you to Helen for taking the time to chat with me on the Lady Janey sofa today! It’s been a real revelation and I’m wondering how on earth next week’s chat can possibly top this one.

Until next time! Cin cin!

Lady Janey



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