Bear Grylls Survival expert, Matt Allwright Survival Expert! Did you know that keeping your wits about you and having a handy tool kit of tips and tricks can be just as essential in the world of consumer rights as it is when you’re out in the wild one? Make no mistake, asserting your rights is more of a battle for survival than ever before and with Watchdog: The Consumer Survival Guide by Matt Allwright you too can be the fittest and the best.



Imagine you are Bear Grylls. You’re out in the wilderness, the night is closing in, you don’t know what direction to take and time is running out but…………….. with determination, resourcefulness and the right skills and tools, you can and will survive.

The very same principles can be applied to fighting for your consumer rights. Watchdog: The Consumer Survival Guide can more than prepare you for battles on the consumer front with a handy toolkit, lots of handy Matt stats, memorable mnemonics and coverage of just about every single consumer related topic you can think of and more. You don’t need to be the source of all knowledge; you just need to be able to identify and apply it.

If you want to be one step ahead of the game when it comes to your consumer rights then this book is for you. Covering everything from legislation, scams, shopping, banking and telecoms to home, motoring, travel and finance, Matt leaves no stone unturned as he relates in his own relatable and inimitable style exactly what you need to know. The icing on the consumer cake comes in the form of the Watchdog in Brief section, which provides a quick and handy run down of your tool kit essentials when it comes to survival as a consumer.

This is by no means a consumer guide to complaints as you might expect; in fact just one chapter is focused on the art of complaining itself. However, in order to be an effective Eraser (read the book and you’ll know what I mean) then the sheer volume of information in this book will help you nail those impossible complaints in no time.


No doubt about it; this book is a read and a half which could be a bit of a challenge if attempted in one go. However, Matt does say quite rightly that you can read his Consumer Survival Guide in whichever way you wish. Pick up a few rules to live by which you might just stick with, immerse yourself in the chapter on law so you are at least well versed in the relevant legislation to quote, dip in and out as you please or of course as I did, wade through it from cover to cover not wanting to miss a single thing. The choice is yours.

Watchdog: the Consumer Survival Guide by Matt Allwright isn’t just straight talk for your ‘big spending moments’; it’s straight talk for all of them. Quite simply the whole of Watchdog in one book and it takes up less room than a box set. Can you survive without it? Purchase it now via the link below.



Many thanks to Matt for forwarding a digital review copy of Watchdog: The Consumer Survival Guide. All views and opinions are my own. Please note that this post contains an affiliate link.

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