It’s the principle- absolutely, I couldn’t agree more. Honest, direct and to the point, there’s no messing about with this book. How to Complain: The Essential Consumer Guide to Getting Refunds, Redress and Results by Helen Dewdney The Complaining Cow is refreshingly matter of fact and to the point. A spade is a spade and if it’s not, then it’s ‘not as described’ and most probably ‘not fit for purpose’ so you’re half way there already when it comes to learning about your consumer rights.


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Companies have been messing customers around for years. They play on any lack of consumer knowledge and if not challenged, will exploit every loophole in the book to avoid taking responsibility. If you’re fed up of fob offs, then the information in this ESSENTIAL consumer guide will empower you to take effective action in order to get redress and refunds for poor service.

By reading this book you will learn what type of complainer you are, pick up lots of tips as to how to effectively complain and create your own checklist of things to remember when making a complaint. Any company worth its salt should welcome feedback you give so that they can improve the service they offer if necessary.  As Helen herself says, “Complaints are just feedback with an image problem.’ Never be deterred from complaining if your grievance is genuine.

With Helen’s clear easy to follow, frank and to the point letter templates for just about every scenario possible, you will gain the support you need to complain effectively and escalate any complaint accordingly if needed. This is not a novel; it’s a thorough reference guide covering every single piece of legislation you could possibly think of. There’s a section on navigating the Small Claims Court should your complaint reach this stage, an index for easy reference and a list of useful addresses for taking matters further. You don’t need to be an expert to assert your legal rights. You just need access to the right information and the confidence to use it to fight your corner.


In summary, the way to get refund, redress and results is to:


Know your consumer rights

Know the terminology to assert your rights

Know the legislation to support your rights

Follow procedures to voice your rights effectively

Know where to find information if you need to exert your rights

Know who to contact if you need to assert your rights

Know how to be an effective complainer



The competition to WIN a personalised, signed copy of the updated Amazon Bestseller How to Complain: The Essential Consumer Guide to Getting Refunds, Redress and Results by Helen Dewdney The Complaining Cow has now ended. Well done to Stuart Hargreaves! Please check your spam folder for my email if you can’t see it. Thanks for all the entries!

If you missed out this time then don’t worry as there are more exciting competitions coming soon. You can also still order your very own signed, personalised copy direct from Helen’s website The Complaining Cow by clicking this link and if you enter the discount code Janey20 at checkout you’ll receive a fabulous 20% off! Please do share this post if you can. EVERYONE needs a copy of this book!

STOP PRESS: Since appearing in the Daily Mail as a Consumer Champion (alongside moi!) Helen has just become a regular columnist for This is Money at the Daily Mail so if you’ve got a consumer issue to sort then get in touch. Click here to hear all about it. Helen’s ready and waiting to hear from you so get your queries in and spread the word!

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