“If complaining is an art form, Helen Dewdney is Rembrandt” Robert Rinder. When it comes to making a complaint, this is quite possibly the best kind of analogy I have ever come across. To be an effective complainer who successfully achieves redress, refunds and results requires skill, confidence and knowledge with attention to detail in each and every brush stroke. With this in mind, if you wish to be an accomplished artist, the development of key skills is vital. Luckily in her new book, the “one woman consumer revolution” (as described by Financial Journalist Paul Lewis) that is Helen Dewdney has compiled a list of 101 Habits of an Effective Complainer which will help you form the perfect complaint in no time.



101, really? As someone who considers herself to be a very effective complainer and prides herself on knowing the tricks of the trade when it comes to customer service, I am still blown away that Helen has managed to come up with so many habits for successful complaining. But she has nailed it and fair play; 101 Habits of an Effective Complainer is well worth a read. Some are common sense, some are food for thought, some from a similar vein and some form a whole new limb but all are your perfect do’s and don’ts checklist for how to formulate the pièce de résistance of complaints.

In his foreword, Paul Lewis refers to our reluctance as consumers to complain and the barriers involved in taking companies to task over poor customer service. He goes on to look at some of the “accurate, clear and straightforward” tips which Helen gives as to how to assert your rights in this follow up to her first book How to Complain: The Essential Guide to Getting Refunds Redress and Results.




As Paul quite rightly says “Rights are one thing, asserting them is another” and this is the book that will give you the confidence to do just that so “Flex your fingers. And get complaining!”

Could I have come up with such a vast list of habits or explained and illustrated them so well? Maybe, maybe not. But do I know, recognise and consider all of them in my own successful complaints? Yes I most certainly do so if complaining is indeed an art form, just call me Claude!




UPDATE: GIveaway has ended. Winner will be announced very soon!

The giveaway of 101 Habits of an Effective Complainer by Helen Dewdney is out now and you can WIN your own personalise signed copy! Giveaway ends on Friday 31st January. Terms and conditions apply.


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If you didn’t win the giveaway then don’t worry, as you can order your copy now direct via this link to Helen’s website AND if you enter the code Janey15 at checkout you’ll get a fabulous 15% off! 101 Habits of an Effective Complainer is also available on Amazon.* You can also see how excited she was to receive the books in this YouTube video.



Lots more tips on how to complain simply but effectively are also covered in this blog post.



Don’t forget number 101 if your complaints are successful! Happy Complaining!

Lady Janey x


Thank you to Helen for forwarding a copy of her book for an honest review and for offering one to readers in the giveaway All views and opinions are my own. Please note that this page contains an *affiliate link.







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