How do you feel about deliveries? Are they ever hassle -free? Do any couriers ever get it right?

Until last month, I would have said that I dreaded deliveries, they are always a hassle and not one courier ever gets it completely right!



It almost takes the joy out of a purchase; deciding whether to collect in store which itself is fraught with the inconvenience or ticking the box for home delivery and in doing so, setting myself up for a lengthy and frustrating experience.

We’re quite lucky I suppose in that we often have days off in the week so it’s easier to schedule deliveries in for when we are around. More often than not though, they just arrive when they arrive and if we are there, we are there. There’s nothing more irritating than finding that little card in your postbox saying you’ve missed that delivery that you have been looking out for and having to reschedule again- or even worse, go and collect it yourself!

Up until now, DPD seemed to be the only company who were able to provide accurate and up to date delivery information to customers and provide a consistently excellent level of service. As far as everyday couriers go, they are still hands down the best and I always despair at the fact that if DPD can manage it, then why can’t others?


This, however, is my usual experience:


Deliveries never arrive on time or in the specified time slot

Van is tracked leaving depot but no further tracking is available once it is “out for delivery”

Lack of or inaccurate confirmation texts/emails/ phone calls both prior to and on the day of delivery

Never enough delivery drivers to offload goods

Products always overly packaged so take an age to unpack

Careless delivery drivers leave your packages where they please or not at all

You’re expected to check each and every piece thoroughly before the courier leaves in line with company “terms and conditions”.

Delivery is incomplete or incorrect


However, I have to admit that my recent experience with Ikea Home delivery when they delivered some kitchen units was absolute textbook perfection! They have now set the bar even higher than DPD!


How did they do it?


The delivery arrived on time in the exact time slot specified.

The lorry had a GPS tracking system so we could pinpoint its exact location en route.

The tracking information also showed how many drops there were before ours so we knew when to expect the lorry to arrive.

Up to date notifications as promised prior to delivery and a further one on day of delivery with the driver’s name and time of delivery

A phone call as promised an hour before arrival

Enough delivery drivers to offload goods

Well but not overly packaged

Polite and capable delivery drivers

No expectation to unpack and check each and every piece before signing receipt of goods. It is technically against the Consumer Rights Act 2015 for companies to insist that you inspect all items and check for no damage. You are entitled to a reasonable amount of time to do this but some couriers will still push regardless.

Delivery was correct

This was indeed the day that my delivery dreams came true and I live in hope that it won’t be the last!









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