Five months ago this week, I first looked into completing a NCC Home Learning Course in Customer Service.

I am a bit shame faced to admit it was 5 months ago as this is no reflection at all on the appeal of the course itself. It’s entirely because I just totally lack self-discipline. In hindsight, a course which was tutor led may have been the better option.


Getting started with a NCC Home Learning Course


I was a bit skeptical to start with as sometimes with these courses, you can find most information on the Internet so is it really worth the investment? However, it quickly became clear to me that there is a real wealth of information in the courses offered by NCC, which goes far and above what you could ever discover on your own.

The content is cleverly divided into clear and concise sections, which cover different aspects of the world of customer service. This means it is possible to stage your learning and set realistic goals for completion of each section. If you are a bit like me, try to ensure all outside distractions are kept to a minimum so you can really focus on absorbing all the information you are being given.

Providing excellent customer service is often seen as being good common sense. However, through this course, it has become clear to me that although to a certain extent this is true, real training is also of paramount importance and there can be no substitution for it. There’s a real depth to the material provided in this NCC course and a whole range of aspects of customer service are fully addressed.


Taking the examination with a NCC Home Learning Course


I was a bit anxious before taking the examination, as wasn’t sure what it entailed and how long it would take. I couldn’t find this information on the website so think it should be a bit clearer. However in the end I just rang NCC direct and was so reassured with the advice given as to how to proceed that decided to bite the bullet and just get on with it. Questions were on the whole very challenging but entirely relevant to the course content. A few were a touch ambiguous and could have been better phrased but with a bit of thought, all was well.

The choice of course was absolutely perfect for me as Customer Service is a subject I am passionate about and the final qualification will now facilitate my planned career change. On completion of the course and subsequent achievement of my Diploma, I’m now even more enthused as believe quite firmly that any gaps in my previous knowledge have been perfectly filled.



I was offered this course in exchange for an honest and open review and would like to thank NCC for providing this opportunity.







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