Mystery Shopping

Do you really know what’s happening on your shop floor? Would you like to find out?

FACT: In an increasingly competitive market companies, which do not provide a consistent standard of excellent Customer Service, will not survive.

One way you can try to stay ahead of the game –and ahead of your competition- is to hire a Mystery Shopper.


Why hire me?

If you pay less, you’ll get less. The consultancy service I offer is far more than just Mystery Shopping. As an independent Mystery Shopper I am able to undertake a unique, bespoke investigation into the level of Customer Service your company provides including the option to evaluate how it compares to market competitors and offer recommendations for development if applicable. In addition, by taking advantage of a Mystery Shopping package then you will be eligible for special VIP discounts on any future Mystery Shops.

I hold a diploma in Customer Service and have experience of working in several areas of the Customer Service industry. I have also been a Mystery Shopper for major UK companies for a number of years but have grown tired of never ending tick-sheets and questionnaires so have created my own Mystery Shopping packages where no feedback is generic. Each and every aspect is individually tailored to addressing the needs of your company and your company alone. I can tell you more in 30 minutes than a 1000 surveys will; effectively saving time, money and paper.

Please get in touch today to obtain details of the bespoke packages I offer and to take advantage of a FREE no obligation telephone call to discuss your ideas and requirements.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Lady Janey


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