There are many ways in which companies can effectively evaluate the standard of Customer Service they deliver, one of them being Mystery Shopping. Its popularity as a moneymaking side hustle has increased over the years and there are now a wealth of companies, which offer the service and are on the look out for Mystery Shoppers. Would you like to try it? What skills do you need and is Mystery Shopping worth your while?



What is Mystery Shopping?



Mystery Shopping enables customer experiences to be improved based on feedback from customers by focusing, re-engaging and analysing customer priorities and expectations. Companies are thus able to measure how well stores, branches or departments deliver on that all important customer experience.

Mystery Shopping itself is by no means a new concept. In fact, from its simple private investigative beginnings in the 1940's, it has developed in to the flourishing industry it is today with businesses choosing Mystery Shopping as a preferred and effective means of assessing the levels of Customer Service provided.



How can I become a Mystery Shopper?



If you do an online search for Mystery Shopping then you'll find a large list of companies to choose from. This can be quite confusing and make choosing one more difficult. Personally apart from doing my own little Lady Janey thing, my preferred companies would be Retail Maxim, Mystery Dining by HGEM and the best one of all, ProInsight. In my humble opinion, these companies have a relatively simple reporting format and pay better than others dependent on task. However here are some of the posts from fellow Moneybloggers with useful information about how to apply to be a Mystery Shopper along with lots of other top tips too!

Francesca from the Money Fox

Stephanie from Debt Free Family

Pete from Household Money Saving

Emma from Emma and 3

Nick from Pounds and Sense



And finally an interesting post as to the pros and cons of Mystery Shopping for companies by Helen Dewdney, The Complaining Cow

Companies can also find out more about how Mystery Shopping can benefit their business by purchasing my book* on Amazon. Happy Days!



What skills do I need to be a Mystery Shopper?


Being a Mystery Shopper isn't easy as it perhaps looks. You need to be a Jack-of-all-trades and master of almost everything else. However I've devised a list of 25 Essential Skills you need to be a successful Mystery Shopper and you can download your FREE copy of this pdf list by filling in the information below. Any contact details you enter are only used for my download records and will not be used for marketing purposes.




Is Mystery Shopping worth my while?


Yes and no. It depends on the company, task, your reasons for being a Mystery Shopper and how much time you have. As a side hustle, it's a way to have nice meals out, spa experiences and a little bit of pin money although please be aware that you should technically declare any extra income to the HMRC no matter how small. If you're looking to make bigger bucks then this is a lot harder to do- but it's not impossible. I'll leave the last word on this to Moneyblogger Michelle because if every Mystery Shop is paid as well as this one, then it's definitely worth your while.

“A few years ago I completed a mystery shopping assignment in my home.  My task was to invite three removals companies into my home and obtain quotes for moving abroad.  As you can imagine, this took a little bit of skill, as I had to pretend we were leaving the country for a new life in the sunshine!  To prepare, I basically wrote a few notes down and created my ‘fake’ life on paper.  This made it easier to be natural when acting it out.  For this kind of assignment it’s also important to have a good memory because as soon as each representative left my house, I had to answer lots of questions about the visit.  Overall it was an enjoyable and fun experience and probably only took up about 3 hours of my time. Well worth it because I was paid about £250!”

Michelle from

Happy Mystery Shopping everyone!

Lady Janey

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