I’m always looking for new places to visit so was pleased when my web designer suggested that we hold our lunch meeting to review the blog at The Cheltenham Chase Hotel. It was the ideal opportunity to check out somewhere I hadn’t been to before for my weekly mystery shop! But how did it measure up to my exacting standards?


Friendliness of Service 7/10

When I arrived, the receptionist greeted me with a smile and asked if she could help. I said no as I was waiting for someone else and just took a seat in the reception area. I went back to the desk a couple of seconds later to enquire if there was a Wi-Fi code and the receptionist was using her mobile phone in the back room in full view of customers. However, when she saw me, she quickly put the phone to one side and came straight out to assist.

The bar and waiting on staff were very friendly and polite. In particular, I would like to mention Jewel who was always smiling, was very efficient and very happy to engage in chats while he cleared the plates.



Efficiency of Service 6/10

The receptionist was able to competently answer my query regarding the Wifi code and I had no further questions. When my ‘date’ arrived, we took a seat in the Hunters Bar and Lounge with the intention of ordering lunch. It wasn’t clear if it was waiter service or if we had to go to the bar to order so we waited and I eventually went up to the bar, as it seemed no one was going to come to us. I ordered two drinks and my card was held to keep the tab open. The menus were already on the table so once we’d chosen our lunches, I went back up to order at the bar presuming that this time, this was the thing to do. When the sandwiches arrived, we had to ask for cutlery and condiments. There was no initiative taken by the waiter to think that we may need these despite having salad on the plate and a side order of fries.



Speed of Service 7/10

Orders were processed quickly and efficiently and the final bill was also processed without issue. When I went back up the bar to order food, the waiter had his back to me and it seemed to take him some time to realise I was there. However, once food was ordered and even though service was not the speed of light, we did not have to wait too long until it was served.


Quality of Lunch 6/10

The sandwiches were fine as four were included so this was more than enough and they were very well filled. However, the accompanying salad was limp and was poor in comparison. Prices were a little on the high side for what we received with the prawn with gem lettuce and avocado sandwich priced at £9.50 and the cost of my cheddar cheese, red onion and chutney sandwich being £7.00. However these prices are very much inline with what you would pay in a hotel in this area as opposed to your local coffee shop.



Overall experience 7/10

For a pop in business lunch, this was a fairly pleasant experience. The Cheltenham Chase Hotel is ideally suited to business meetings and networking and although we chose the informal setting of the bar area for our meeting, it does offer an impressive 10 meeting and conference rooms. However, even though the contemporary interior of the hotel reception and bar area suited our purpose for the day, I doubt I would choose to eat there on any other occasion. There is no real atmosphere in the bar area, not much light and it seemed very functional. When we had finished our lunch, four ladies arrived for their Spa lunch in dressing gowns and if that was me, I would have been really disappointed as in comparison to the Spa itself, the dining area is a bit of a let down.

So that’s it for today, mystery shoppers! Where will I appear next? #watchoutforthenails

Until next week!

Lady Janey x



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