This week’s Mystery Shop linked in perfectly to my visit to see the “chuffing brilliant” Full Monty at The Everyman Theatre Cheltenham! After all, what better way to start off a fabulous evening than a relaxed pre- show meal? After my last two distinctly mediocre Mystery Shops, I was hoping for a much better experience! Luckily Bill’s didn’t disappoint!



Friendliness of Service 9/10

I was warmly welcomed on arrival and guided to a lovely little table in the corner. Perfect for a bird’s eye view of what was happening around me. Alex introduced herself as my waitress, handed me the set menu and normal menu and asked me what I would like to drink. Alex was very friendly and polite, as was her colleague and nothing was too much trouble. I felt very relaxed and welcome at Bill’s.


Efficiency of Service 9/10

It was quite early in the evening so the restaurant was fairly quiet when I arrived but the quality of the service did not reduce as it started to fill up. Half way through my meal I was asked if everything was ok, which it was. When Alex returned a little later, I asked for a glass of water and this was also delivered within minutes. When I thanked Alex she commented that it was “ just a glass of water”, indicating that she perhaps thought it shouldn’t really take that long to bring. However, it doesn’t really matter what you order, the service should still be consistent. It always amazes me how long it takes in some establishments to get a menu or the bill, never mind something to eat or drink!




Speed of Service 9/10

My order was taken quickly and I didn’t have long to wait until my Macaroni Cheese with a green leaf, avocado and mixed seed salad arrived. Drinks and dishes were served promptly and although I had to ask for the card machine to be brought over when paying the bill, it was the first thing I’d had to attract the attention of the staff for. I was in and out in plenty of time for the performance!



Quality of Product 7/10

The Macaroni Cheese was very nice and a very good choice but I wasn’t blown away by the accompanying salad. The quality of the dish was much along the lines of what I expected. Not exactly cordon bleu but a fair price at £9.95. My trademark glass of Pinot Grigio was perfect! I rarely have any complaints with wine.

Overall experience 8/10

I would definitely recommend Bill’s for a pre or post theatre meal. There’s a lovely, relaxing ambience and the décor is cosy and inviting. It’s the ideal place to pull up a chair and relax with a nice glass of wine and enjoy a meal with friends before or after the performance. I noticed that there are two sharing platters on the menu, which I’ll be back to try another time – when I’m not mystery shopping on my own!

See you next week everyone! Cin cin!

Lady Janey x



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