What better way to spend a gloriously sunny afternoon than making the most of the great outdoors in the beautiful Surrey countryside. When tasked with finding an afternoon of activities to occupy my favourite little people during their school holidays, Make Ready Events was just what I was looking for.



Before our Make Ready Events Experience

Not being a parent myself, it’s always a bit of a culture shock to spend time with my best friend’s children as everything I take for granted on a daily basis is blown swiftly out of the window. There is no such thing as a lie in, I am a source of 24-hour entertainment, I need to find Wally at least 25 times per day and then once more for luck, I am knee deep in everything they own and I never knew it could take so long to leave the house!

If this isn’t enough, car journeys are a whole new experience. Scooters out of the boot, dog in, children mobilised, one has left something behind, the other can’t find shoes and then number three needs the toilet before everyone is finally in the car. At last we’re off and for the first ten minutes all is well but before we arrived at Make Ready Events, my favourite little people were going hammer and tongs in the back of the car with very little sibling love lost between them.


After Our Make Ready Events Experience

When we got into the car for the return journey, there was a babble of excited chatter about the activities they had just taken part in. Far from being at loggerheads, they had worked together as a team, united to succeed in all tasks set and “had each other’s back” in laser tag. Such is the beauty of the tailor made experiences Rob is able to offer those who take part in Make Ready Events. Three very happy but tired children meant not a sniff of hammer and tongs on the way back and therefore one very happy Auntie Janey and one equally happy Dad.



The Make Ready Events Experience

After a warm welcome from Rob and his team, we were immediately made to feel at ease and given a full run down of what activities we were going to be taking part in that afternoon. Anyone that knows me well will know that anything remotely action packed is as far out of my comfort zone as you can get! I mean, what if I break a nail? However, I was game on as Auntie Janey for giving it a go and I’m so glad I did. It was hands down one the most fun I’ve had in a long time and my favourite little people, and their Dad, just loved it!



We started with a couple of fun ‘walk the plank’ and ‘ball roll’ team activities before moving on to learn about the ancient art of archery. After an expert briefing by Rob and being provided with all the equipment we needed, we were ready to take aim! I never thought that I would ever be able to fire an arrow, never mind actually hit the target but it was a great experience and we all mastered the basics really quickly. I think I’d make a fabulous Maid Marion!



Our final activity was the absolute highlight of the day for my favourite little people; laser tag in the woodlands! Again, clear instructions and a full safety briefing were given before they were let loose on the battlefield for lots of exciting, adrenaline fuelled fun! With scores to settle after all the bickering in the car, they certainly took no prisoners as they delighted in defending their own troop and taking the other one out!



Make Ready Events offers a whole range of outdoor experiences in safe and private locations including challenge events for schools, corporate team building sessions, holiday day camps and fun activity parties for all ages. All event packages are bespoke so can be easily tailored to your needs and budget. Full details can be found on the Make Ready website but if you have any further questions then you can also get in touch with Rob directly by email or on 07775696790. Make Ready Events is also on Facebook.

Are you now ready to Make Ready? We had the best time ever and are sure that you will do too!



Thank you to Rob for inviting me and my favourite little people to join him for the day to try out some of the Make Ready activities! All views and opinions are my own.








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