Lady JaneyI always find myself asking this question. Maybe I’m too fussy or maybe I expect too much? But then I think, wait a minute, surely it’s not a bad thing to at least get your money’s worth for things? We work really hard for the pennies we earn so they need to be well spent and if companies are charging a premium rate for a premium product, then an equally premium experience is the very least we should expect.

It’s true that nowadays, our expectations as customers have risen but I really worry that standards of Customer Service, with big companies in particular, have just failed to follow suit. Purse strings are being tightened and we’re being financially squeezed in every direction more than ever before. I frequently go somewhere full of expectation only for the whole experience to be let down by really poor Customer Service which is so exasperating.

It’s become a bit of a standing joke amongst friends that wherever I go, I seem to come back with refunds, monetary gestures of goodwill, complimentary spa and hotel breaks etc. but I don’t complain for what I can get. That’s not what I’m about. If I’m asked, then I like to tell companies about my experience with them in the hope that they will use my feedback to improve their service if necessary and make the next experience a much better one by shaping the way business is conducted in future. Equally if I am impressed with the service, then I’m the first one to acknowledge this and may even crack the odd smile in the process! One of the best quotes I’ve heard was by Helen Dewdney The Complaining Cow, “Complaints are just feedback with an image problem.’

In answer to my original question, I really hope it isn’t only just moi and that others do feel the same way and would like to see positive changes being made. One of my primary aims is to be able to help companies re-connect with their staff and customers and by doing so, put ‘service with a smile’ firmly back at the top of everyone’s agenda. Fingers crossed!



This was my first ever post and it’s at the heart of what I do so I’ve updated it. Hope you find it useful!



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