According to the latest Which? report Black Friday deals may not always be as they seem with 99.5% of products being cheaper or the same price at other times of the year. Is Black Friday all about fantasy promotions, make believe deals, pie in the sky offers and fabricated prices or are there real deals to be had? Many have a big question mark over them and yet we taking to our computers and shopping centres in frenzied droves to pick up whatever we can. To support you on your spending spree, here’s how to be a savvy shopper this Black Friday.



  1. Remember it’s only a month away from Christmas. This is an expensive enough time of year as it is without putting any further pressure on any already overly strained purse strings.


  1. Many deals aren’t what they seem so in order to get the best ones; you should do your research in advance. This takes time and this is something which is often in short supply especially at Christmas.


  1. Most purchases will be outside standard 28 day returns policy windows so if your purchases are Christmas presents then you’ll also have to check terms and conditions carefully before buying. Again this takes time.


  1. Can you really afford it? It’s a week until payday for many of us so completely the wrong time of month to be spend, spend, spending. Black Friday is irresponsible; it potentially encourages us to spend beyond our means and buy things we don’t need at a price we can’t really afford.


  1. You’re not saving money if you’re spending it unless it’s a purchase you have budgeted for, you know the price is right, you’ve been intending to make that purchase for some time and manage to get it for a lower price on Black Friday.


  1. If it’s worth waiting for until Black Friday, then whatever it is can also wait until January when life is a little less festively bonkers and you have a little more time to make those all important big ticket purchase decisions.


  1. Watch out for scams, if it’s too good to be true then that will inevitably be the case. The devil is in the detail, make sure you check it.


Of course if you love a ‘bargain’ and to spend regardless of what time of year or month it is, have lots of time to plan and research, don’t mind taking a chance on returns policies, like to think you’re saving when you’re not, can’t wait to make that all important purchase and don’t mind braving crowds or queues, then a very Happy Black Friday to you all!







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