I have to be honest, I started my blogging journey because I was so exasperated with the decline in customer service standards in the UK and was determined to try to inspire companies to improve the quality of customer service they provide.

Through my posts, I determinedly tackle customer service issues and valiantly stand my ground against the tide of mediocrity, which I come across on a day-to-day basis. However, writing this blog has also made me realise how lucky I am locally to have such a wealth of choices for dining and entertainment where customer service is still firmly at the top of the agenda.

The Ox, Cheltenham is no exception and I was beyond thrilled last week to be asked to take part in their Gin-Dependance Day celebrations where guests were able to enjoy some amazing American gins, prepared and poured exquisitely by the cocktail creating legend that is Jake.

Gin-Dependance Day at The Ox Cheltenham

From the moment I walked into The Ox, I was in both customer service and gin heaven. The assistant manager, Will, is the epitome of everything I regard as fabulous: attentive, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, passionate about his job, honest, flexible, impeccably organised and efficient, able to deal with queries with ease and deliver exactly what has been promised.

During the celebration, we were treated to a range of gin cocktails, some delicious light bites and a real insight into the world of gin through a tutored tasting by the Death’s Door and Aviation gins Ambassador, Russell. It was fantastic value at money at £22 per head and if The Ox was right on my doorstep then I would without doubt be a regular at all their events.

Gin-Dependance Day at The Ox Cheltenham

From chatting to fellow gin appreciators on the night, it was clear that the excellence of the Gin-Dependance Day experience was by no means a one off as The Ox consistently provides a high level of service and any credit I’ve given them in this review is richly deserved.

I’m off now to cool down in this hot sunshine with a G & T creation of my own and look forward to my next visit to The Ox, especially since I think I might have developed a tiny Lady Janey customer service crush on Will.

cin cin!

Gin-Dependance Day





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