With face masks and coverings to become the new norm, the next dilemma is where to get one from and will it give you the best protection? Safermask is a safe reusable mask, which can be used in any non-medical role.



Mask wearing has been compulsory on public transport since the 15th June and it will now become mandatory from 24th July in shops and supermarkets. This is a controversial decision which some say will deter shoppers but on the other hand could inspire confidence in others. Whichever it is, the problem for many now lies in where to get a mask from and which one to use.

SaferMask is a fully washable cotton mask with a 3-layer construction, which provides a comfortable maximum breathability screen designed to repel bacteria, water and other fluids. Unlike other fabric, fashion or homemade masks, SaferMask's credentials and 'its proven ability to eliminate 99% of bacteria on contact make it the highest performing non-medical mask available anywhere today.'



Having MS means that I am very aware of the potential danger of coming into contact with the virus when out and about. Having the right protection is therefore really important so that I feel confident enough to do so. I also have a lovely mask, which was made for me by a friend and will use this in certain situations. However, when I am in areas where I feel most vulnerable then the SaferMask will be my mask of choice for peace of mind.



Each SaferMask is designed for 30 days use and comes with clear instructions for usage and washing. It is suitable for use on public transport, airports, stations and car sharing as well as in shops, bars, clubs, sports centres, gyms, spas and work environments such as offices and call centres.

SaferMask is not disposable therefore its reusability minimises risk and reduces the environmental impact. If you don't wear one in the shops and supermarkets from the 24th July then you may also face a fine and/or being denied entry. You could also be running the risk of inadvertently spreading Coronavirus.

Do you want to take that chance? Take a look at Safermask today. The clock is ticking.



Many thanks to SaferMask for sending through samples of its masks for review purposes. All views and opinions are my own. All information about Safermask's performance and sustainability is available in a downloadable leaflet. Just fill in your contact details below. This information will be kept just for my records and not used for any marketing purposes.



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