Are you a savvy shopper? Do you know your consumer rights and the ins and outs of your finances? Worry not, help is at hand. Here’s an introduction to 5 of the best Female UK Consumer Rights and Personal Finance Experts.




Helen Dewdney Consumer Rights Campaigner


Helen Dewdney is The Complaining Cow, a campaigner fighting for consumer rights! She is the author of the Amazon bestseller How to Complain: The Essential Consumer Guide to Getting Refunds, Redress and Results! and the reports Ombudsman Omnishambles and More Ombudsman Omnishambles and Whirlpool- The tumble dryer story without the spin. Her most recent book is 101 Habits of an Effective Complainer!

Helen is the This is Money Consumer Champion, writes for the Financial Times, Moneywise and The Daily Telegraph and is part of the Rip Off Britain consumer expert team. She also appears on BBC Breakfast, The One Show, as well as ITV and BBC news and radio programmes, including Jeremy Vine, Moneybox and You and Yours, various local and national media, she advises people on how to assert their legal rights and get the best possible redress and topical consumer issues.

Helen was just 12 years old when she complained to Jackie magazine and had her letter published. She started a school magazine and wrote about the Sex Discrimination Act and how it might apply to Physical Education (PE), where girls were playing “boys” games and boys “girls” games, long before the Equality Act! The magazine was shut down by the school but the change that was needed did happen.

In 2008 she left work to have her son and in 2012 started The Complaining Cow as a blog. It has grown from strength to strength, sharing stories about gaining redress from companies and empowering consumers.

More recently, Helen has been working with businesses to improve their customer service and complaint handling. She is currently working with the Lloyds Banking Group, improving communication with vulnerable customers. Here she has challenged senior management and leadership teams, getting staff to look at communication in a different way and reduce risk to their company. The overall aim is to ensure that vulnerable customers remain happy customers.




Katie Morley Consumer Champion


Katie Morley is the Consumer Champion for the Daily Telegraph at the Telegraph Media Group and was offered the job after being the Telegraph’s Consumer Affairs Editor for three years. Katie was named the Young Journalist of the Year 2013 by the Harold Wincott Foundation for business, economic and financial journalism.

The Katie Morley Investigates column deals with a wide range of issues from fraud, insurance that won’t pay, and mortgage troubles, through to holidays from hell, faulty goods and rogue landlords. Since starting the column in May 2019 Katie has won back just under £1.5million for people who have been on the receiving end of shockingly bad service. If you have a tip off or need help with a consumer rip off then you can contact Katie via this contact form. She is also on Twitter.



Lynn James Personal Finance Expert


Mrs Mummypenny was launched in 2013. Lynn always had a passion for helping her friends to save money so it was a natural step to turn her knowledge into a website and social media and share that knowledge with the world. In 2015 she decided to take redundancy from her corporate job and take the leap into running Mrs Mummypenny on a full time basis. Through hard work and determination Lynn got it to a place where it was making enough money to pay the bills and cover some nice things like holidays.

Mrs Mummypenny is now a wealth of information from short term savings like energy, cash back and family days out to longer term personal finance including pensions and investments. 40k people visit Lynn’s site each month to read an array of money saving content, plus she has another 40k followers on social media, Instagram being her favourite way to share her money saving and very real life.

Lynn is very proud of my debt story content and subsequent media coverage. In April 2019 she paid off £16k, taking 2 years to do this. She has since written about this story for the FT, The Sun, too many magazines to name, BBC Radio, podcasts and TV. Millions have read or listened to her story and the messages of thanks and inspiration Lynn gets make all the hard work worthwhile.



Eileen Adamson Money Coach


Eileen Adamson started Your Money Sorted in 2014, after realising that many people in the UK were struggling to manage their money. Although there is a wealth of information online to help people to improve their financial situation, Eileen felt that there was a lack of support for women. It’s for this reason that she created her Your Money Sorted Facebook group, aimed at helping women to grow in confidence around money and giving them a safe and supportive place to ask questions.

Eileen is Money Coach on BBC Radio Scotland’s Clever About Cash where she helps listeners to make the most of their money. She has been featured in the Guardian, Red Magazine and The Sun as well as delivering money workshops for Virgin Money and giffgaff.

Eileen is a trained life coach and financial coach, offering online coaching courses to help women to reach their potential and live happy, abundant lives.

Also a qualified PE teacher, Eileen still teaches 2 days a week in her local high school as well as delivering Financial Education to senior students throughout her local region. She loves the weekly interactions with teenagers, as well as the variety that these roles bring to her life.

Her love of education and her experience in schools has led her to develop her Your Money Sorted business to focus mainly on supporting female teachers. Through online coaching she helps them to become happier, healthier and wealthier by improving their finances, their futures and their overall wellbeing.

As a mum of 3 teenagers, Eileen totally understands the pressures, both financial and family, that many working women are under. She loves being able to use her expertise to help women achieve a better work/life balance, with enough money to do all the things they love.

To read more and find out how Eileen empowers and encourages women please see her website, Facebook and Twitter.




Hollie Hutchinson Super Savvy Shopper


Launched in early 2016 whilst starting maternity leave, Hollie began ThriftyMum which is a growing blog and online community for savvy parents who want to continue a great lifestyle whilst juggling the financial constraints of bringing up children.

If you love great recipes on a budget, thrifty family days out, bargain holidays and generally maintaining the lifestyle you deserve – it doesn’t have to come at a cost. Watching the pennies where it matters so you can splurge on the fun things is the balance that ThriftyMum is all about.

You’ll feel right at home with top tips on buying quality over quantity thus saving money in the process, little hacks to simplify your life and tried and tested side hustles to make that extra bit of money so you don’t have to compromise your lifestyle.

Inspired by the reduction in salary that comes with the joys of maternity leave, Hollie began to share the deals, discounts and freebies she came across with other expectant mums in various Facebook groups. Being told she had a talent for spotting a bargain she started the blog ThriftyMum and this has since evolved to include reviews of items that make being a parent an easier ride. 

Hollie’s greatest success so far was an invitation to be a guest of the BBC Breakfast sofa as a thrifty expert to discuss the benefits of re-gifting and is now a regular newspaper reviewer for local BBC radio.




I hope you enjoyed reading about Helen, Katie, Lynn, Eileen and Hollie. Please do take a look at the UK Moneybloggers website for more ways to save money and read some of the posts of top female Moneybloggers (including moi!)




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