This was truly music to my customer service tuned ears.

On Easter Sunday, I enjoyed a really lovely overnight stay at the Ettington Park Hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon. The bedrooms and the grounds are just lovely and it’s an absolutely perfect setting for a wedding. It’s a bit of a maze inside so if you are looking for the spa or the toilets, then it might be advisable to ask a member of staff for directions or commandeer an ordnance survey map for use during your stay but otherwise it’s an absolute pleasure to visit.

When I got home, I was beyond thrilled to receive a very pleasing email asking me to complete a survey about my visit because Ettington Park value and welcome customer feedback. All in all, the stay had been lovely; only let down slightly by breakfast in bed the next day, which I had mentioned at the time but also jotted down on the form as an area of improvement.

On completion of the survey, another email appeared thanking me for completing the survey and reiterating the importance of feedback to the hotel as it “gives a valuable insight” into a customer’s experience and also “highlights any improvements that could be made”.

Just when I thought I could not be more thrilled, after completion of the survey, I then received another email from the manager to thank me for providing feedback and personally apologise for my experience of room service. He even went on to say that if I wanted to discuss this in more detail, then I should feel free to contact him directly. I was so impressed that I will most definitely be contacting him. If only every company was this interested in their customers!

What had stood out over the weekend was how much the staff seemed to really enjoy their work. Also a sad rarity nowadays, where many companies do not seem to recognise and value the importance of their employees in the same way they used to. As Martin Oliver, MD, Kwik Fit Financial Services once said, “Whether you are big or small, you cannot give good customer service if employees don’t feel good about coming to work.”

If the customer service on this visit is anything to go by, then someone somewhere at Ettington Park is obviously doing something right somewhere down the line as all staff were consistent in the excellent levels of customer service they provided and demonstrated a genuine interest in ensuring that guests enjoyed their stay.

So a Lady Janey 5* goes to Ettington Park as it’s definitely worth a look for the customer service alone. Many places may offer a similar product but it’s how that product is delivered which can make all the difference, and that’s where this hotel excelled.

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