What an opportunity!                                                                                                 

This month I’ve been presented with a really fantastic opportunity -to review a course of my choice from one of the mega range of home learning courses offered by NCC online. In return, I have been asked to write an honest and fair review of the course and service provided by NCC Home Learning. I’m very excited and can’t wait to get started!

NCC Home Learning offers so many different types of course to suit a whole range of needs and interests so I was really spoilt for choice. Luckily it was easy to scroll through the choice of courses and because the specifics of each course were clearly detailed, I could see exactly what was involved and what the aims and objectives of the courses were.

There is a slight error on the course login page that deals with how the course is examined as it states that “once you have read the Underpinning Knowledge then you should of gained the Knowledge to take the Exam”. All other information is very comprehensive though and definitely inspires confidence so I think that this must just be an oversight.

Which course to choose?

This was the tough part as there are so many fantastic courses to choose from. I was very tempted by the creative writing course because of my fascination with the idea of writing a children’s book and also my hobsession (hobby/obsession) with writing poetry.

However, my final choice was eventually a no brainer! I was beyond thrilled to see that NCC Home Learning offers a diploma in customer service, my field of expertise. This was something I felt I could really get my teeth into and at the end of the course I would also be fully qualified to work in the field I love.

How to get started with NCC?

It was so easy to sign up. The website was easy to navigate and I was sent login details very quickly. I was pleased to see that there is a ‘Help and Support’ section with a detailed list of FAQ and also a Quick Start Guide, which contains initial instructions for completing the course. I must admit that am a bit anxious about completing the course solely online with no tutor support but am reassured to see that details for the support team are clearly displayed so hopefully they will be on hand to help should I have any questions. I’ll post my full review on completion of the course.

Thank you NCC for giving me the chance to do this course! I’m very much looking forward to it!

** I was asked to complete this review in exchange for writing an honest and objective review of this course. Any thoughts and feelings are entirely my own.


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