Screwfix and I have a special relationship. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say that I just love this store. It may seem an odd choice as it’s not as if they stock the kind of shoes I would normally be interested in and their range of clothing is not quite designed for a Lady Janey’s wardrobe. There’s also nothing pretty for me to look through while I wait for orders to be processed and a discount price on a socket set is not the kind of thing I tend to get excited about.

So why do I then love Screwfix? Well, firstly, the staff at my local branch know me and I am always greeted warmly when I arrive even if am there to return something or ask for a refund. We’ve been using Screwfix now for several years and I have never had reason to grumble. The online ordering service facilitates quick and easy transactions and the products are readily available either on the same day or the next. We get email notifications and text messages as updates and Jim from the store has even rung us on a number of occasions about purchases. A real personal touch to the service!

In addition to good customer service both online and in store, Screwfix staff are able to answer queries about their products albeit with the support of their catalogue. It never ceases to amaze me that although they are linked stores who stock similar products, when I am trying to find something in B & Q, I’ll be lucky if the assistant has even heard of the product, never mind be able to advise its location.

Not that I’m anti B & Q, after all they have a wide range of products at very competitive prices and they have a popular Wednesday promotion for pensioners, which means my mum can get her weekly discounts. I just don’t find their customer service as good as Screwfix.

For example, I was in the store last month to pick up some garden aggregates. I nearly killed myself trying to get the bags of slate and bark off the shelves as couldn’t find anyone to help. I asked for assistance getting my purchases into the car, and was told that there would be someone outside in a yellow tabard who would be able to assist.

Well, lol, as they say. Help was as scarce as hen’s teeth! After pushing the trolley with a mind of its own around the car park for a good 10 minutes, I gave up and just had to heave the bags into the car myself. Needless to say that I learnt from this experience and the next time I visited for similar products, I almost rugby tackled the first person I saw in a yellow tabard, a lovely young man who dutifully allowed me to direct him all around the store to collect what I needed and then deliver to the car. Job done and faith in B & Q restored.

So back to Screwfix, they’re always happy to load my car for me if needed and have even devised clever and innovative transportation ideas for any bulkier items I have had to collect. Even if the product is at times more expensive or maybe I have to wait a day or two until I can collect it. My local Screwfix delivers on customer service every time so they will always be my first choice- except for shoes of course!

I love Screwfix

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