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The (De)value of the Customer?

When you think about it, then it should be a no brainer for companies to do everything in their power to retain the customers they have. However, on many occasions, I’ve despaired at how some companies seem hell bent on doing exactly the opposite. It can be up to 7...

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“We value your feedback”

This was truly music to my customer service tuned ears. On Easter Sunday, I enjoyed a really lovely overnight stay at the Ettington Park Hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon. The bedrooms and the grounds are just lovely and it’s an absolutely perfect setting for a wedding....

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Tip or Service Charge?

It’s long been a tradition to leave a tip as recognition and appreciation of good customer service and has become quite the norm in the hospitality industry. The very nature of the word ‘tip’ implies that it is not expected and that it is a little extra to say thank...

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Is it just moi?

I always find myself asking this question. Maybe I’m too fussy or maybe I expect too much? But then I think, wait a minute, surely it’s not a bad thing to at least get your money’s worth for things?!? We work really hard for the pennies we earn so they need to be well...

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