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My 5 Blogging Goals for 2018- She who dares wins!

When I started to write this, I couldn’t help but think of Del Boy and Rodney from Only Fools and Horses, who in the face of adversity, always resolutely strived to achieve their dreams with the belief that, “ He who dares wins.” In essence, if you don’t take a chance...

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7 Ways to beat the blues this Blue Monday

Mondays are always awful. Undoubtedly the worst day of the week; an early start for work after the weekend with rush hour starting an hour earlier than usual and lasting twice as long, five days to go before another weekend and my local pub is shut in the evening. If...

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2017- My Year in Review

It’s really hard to believe that this time last year, there was no Lady Janey, not even as a twinkle in someone’s eye. However since launching the blog at the end of May, I don’t think I can now imagine life without it.     There there have been days when I could have...

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The Christmas Tag- What I love about Christmas

Lots of things in blogging are still new to me and this is no exception: A Christmas Tag whereby lots of bloggers create a chain of posts answering questions about what they love about Christmas. I was tagged by the lovely Lynn of Mrs Mummypenny in what she loves...

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Reverse Advent Calendar Campaign

Sometimes I find it quite hard to believe that we live in what is widely regarded as a first world country and yet there are still people who frequently go hungry and worry about how they will feed their families. Sadly Christmas isn’t always the most wonderful time...

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Vinnie’s Eatery Cheltenham

When a friend of mine asked if I had tried the new vegan restaurant in Cheltenham, serving plant based cuisine, I was keen to visit. I’ve been vegetarian since the age of 11 and when I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the age of 25, the first thing I did was...

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